Thursday, July 2, 2020

Can you imagine "the God man" passing by?

Have you ever read the New Testament or the Book of Mormon account of Christ in Bountiful and imagined yourself there? 

Have you ever pictured yourself on the Road to Emmaus? Depressed and hopeless as you walk silently hearing the gravel crunch under your downcast feet? Have you ever paused and imagined a lone traveler come up along side of you and nonchalantly say, "What things?". 

Have you ever imagined yourself dragged by your hair and thrust down on the cold floor of the temple at Jerusalem? The smell of the stone and the air thick with accusation, all of which was true. You knew your stoney death was imminent.  

When you read the Bible it is tempting to read it like a story outside of yourself, something that happened over two thousand years ago. But what if you read each story and imagined? The smells...the sounds...the feelings...His face? The accounts of Christ's life would take on a whole new meaning of "Come and See". 

When "The God Man" passes by you...