Saturday, September 30, 2023

A New Temple Rising


The LDS Temples are a fascinating thing. It is difficult to find evidence that Joseph taught what is now in the endowment. Brigham said that he recorded as much as he could remember from what Joseph taught him, but still - almost nothing is known as to what was accurate and what wasn't. There is little to no historical evidence Joseph ever sealed anyone to himself or otherwise. So much to wonder about. 

Still, there are many who love the temple and attend as often as they can. I have had special experiences in the temple *because I believed it was the only place I could get answers to my really big questions. I have met people who have a strong dislike of the temple and I have met people who believe the temple to be satanic (both types frequently holding a recommend so they can go to their family members weddings....*scratching head*). 

Wherever you stand on the Temple is up to you. For me I believe that Satan takes good things and twists them and I can either pray for discernment to understand what was of God and what was not. Or I can declare it all corrupt, chuck it and move on. I don't blame people for not wanting to unpick a knotted ball of yarn. 

If you are wanting a greater understanding of the Temple, this blog linked below can help. What I do know for sure is that we are the Temple of God and temple work was always about us being dead and spiritually separated from God. The temple, to me, is one of many tools the Lord can use to point that out. 

Happy conference weekend.... :D

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