Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The King is Coming or Global Warming?

Last week I watched a newly released video of secretly filmed footage of a Technical Director from a main stream media news outlet who said that keeping the audience in fear helps their news ratings to go up. He said that now that the Presidential Election is over, the next 'agenda' their news station will take is to push climate change and to have it become a climate 'crisis'.

I thought about the current pulse of the planet and the fear that has dominated the last year. I thought of the 'agenda' to get the masses to fear "global warming," the melting of glaciers taking place, the earthquakes in diverse places, the ocean heaving beyond their bounds...all things which were spiritually prophesied thousands of years in advance and has now all but been forgotten by mankind as "science" has come up with the verdict: "climate crisis". 

On that same news station I watched as they said that over a quarter of Americans have decided not to get the vaccine. The news anchor said that the good news is that all those that have been vaccinated have helped America to be safe and the bad news was, there was "no cure for stupid" people who have not received the vaccine yet. Now I don't deeply care if people get the vaccine or don't get it. Free agency is ours for the picking. But I am sharing these things to show the direction that the enemy is headed. It is important to know his tactics.

Satan, as he has done since the beginning of time, divides the minds of the people. Get them separated into '-ites'. If you can get people, even families, to be divided over who got the vaccine and who didn't, who voted for whom and who didn't, which policy do you promote and who doesn't...then you have brother against sister and they "take up the sword against each other".

Once the media has the world ripe with commotion, we will need someone to save us from destruction...someone with all the solutions. This will be the entrance of the Anti-Christ. His message will be one of world peace. Because remember, Satan won't come to you as obvious evil - he will present you with the philosophies of men, mingled with scripture. He will say things that make sense - "we are all brothers and sisters," "be good global citizens," "practice tolerance", and so on. The leaders of the world in line with the Anti-Christ agenda will promote that we have a "new world" order. They are all beautiful words. It's what I want to have. It sounds just like Zion. However... 

In the book The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe we see a world, Narnia, where there has been an eternal winter cursed on the land brought on by the rule and reign of the White Witch. Winter, in this case, symbolizing a dead, stagnant time. Eternal winter is ultimate control...nothing is allowed to grow, animals hibernate, and people huddle around fires instead of enjoying the outdoors. Lucy says, "Always winter and no Christmas; think of that! How awful!". The White Witch rules the land and the season of winter represents that Narnia has fallen under an evil regime.

As the word spreads that, "Aslan is on the move" and will soon return, the snow begins to melt. Edmund, who was captured by the White Witch, begins to recognize that her powers are declining. "Now they were steadily racing on again. And soon Edmund noticed that the snow which splashed against them as they rushed through it was much wetter than it had been last night...And his heart gave a great leap when he realized that the frost was over." In the Narnia series, Aslan is called, "the True King...The Son of the Great Emperor-beyond-the-sea...Great Lion of Narnia, the Ruler of all Narnia".

As I ponder the story of Narnia I can't help but wonder if our own earth is beginning to melt in response to the Return of the King. All those who serve the White Witch cry, "Emergency! Crisis! Death at a catastrophic level if we don't act now!" It has all the hallmarks fear based marketing to get the consumer to make decisions and act without thinking who is speaking and 
what their agenda might be. The birth pains of the earth have been prophesied. Many will arise and claim to be the Messiah. I believe when the scriptures teach "lo, here is Christ" or "here is the Messiah" they are speaking symbolically. Inventions or philosophies will arise that will be promoted as a "literal godsend" or something that can "save" you.

A few weeks ago my husband and I were talking about buying some meat birds in the event that the economy goes south so that we could provide meat for ourselves. Thinking of the meat birds brought me a lot of peace. I was getting excited thinking of where we could put them in the yard and how helpful it would be. One morning I woke up and was trying to visualize the spot in the yard where we could build an enclosure. As I lay there outlining the coop in my mind I suddenly saw all of the birds dead and diseased on the ground. This startled me as it was graphic and not anything I would visualize on my own. I asked the Lord why I saw that. I heard the response - "You are putting your trust in what you have and not in Me. It is okay to make plans and be prepared, and also know that things can be taken from you and your trust needs to be in Me, not in things."

I had unknowingly said to myself, "lo, here is Christ"...here is a way to survive and be saved. So often we worry about the physical preparation and neglect the weightier matters of spiritual salvation.
Matthew 24 (NLT): 

3 Later, Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives. His disciples came to him privately and said, “Tell us, when will all this happen? What sign will signal your return and the end of the world?”

4 Jesus told them, “Don’t let anyone mislead you, 

5 for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah.’ They will deceive many. 

6 And you will hear of wars and threats of wars, but don’t panic. Yes, these things must take place, but the end won’t follow immediately. 

7 Nation will go to war against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in many parts of the world. 

8 But all this is only the first of the birth pains, with more to come.

The King is on the Move. His Return has been prophesied for millennia and those wise virgins that have taken the Holy Spirit to be their guide, and have not been deceived, will have oil in their lamps and will heed the clarion call to awake and arise - for the Bridegroom is near.
D&C 45 says:

33 And there shall be earthquakes also in divers places, and many desolations; yet men will harden their hearts against me, and they will take up the sword, one against another, and they will kill one another.

34 And now, when I the Lord had spoken these words unto my disciples, they were troubled.

35 And I said unto them: Be not troubled, for, when all these things shall come to pass, ye may know that the promises which have been made unto you shall be fulfilled.

36 And when the light shall begin to break forth, it shall be with them like unto a parable which I will show you—

37 Ye look and behold the fig trees, and ye see them with your eyes, and ye say when they begin to shoot forth, and their leaves are yet tender, that summer is now nigh at hand;

38 Even so it shall be in that day when they shall see all these things, then shall they know that the hour is nigh.

39 And it shall come to pass that he that feareth me shall be looking forth for the great day of the Lord to come, even for the signs of the coming of the Son of Man.

40 And they shall see signs and wonders, for they shall be shown forth in the heavens above, and in the earth beneath.

41 And they shall behold blood, and fire, and vapors of smoke.

42 And before the day of the Lord shall come, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon be turned into blood, and the stars fall from heaven.
In verse 37 it say to look and you will see the fig trees..."and ye see them with your eyes, and ye say when they begin to shoot forth, and their leaves are yet tender, that summer is now nigh at hand".

Does the Lord mean to go to actual fig trees and keep an eye on them with your literal eyeballs? Or is He speaking symbolically?

In the garden of Eden we learn that there were Two Trees. The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The trees are real...and symbolic. Christ is the Tree of Life. Satan, and the 'fruit' he offered, was Knowledge of Good and Evil. Fruit that is eaten out of season produces a bitter sap which can make you sick. This is natures way of keeping insects and pests away so the fruit has time to develop for the proper timing.

But we also know there was one more tree in the garden of Eden...a fig tree. Once Adam and Eve partake of the fruit Satan offered them, he directed them to go to the fig tree and use the leaves to 'cover' themselves and hide from Father. 

The fig tree has special meaning of posterity and the power to create. By Adam and Eve creating their own covering Satan knew it would be a mockery to the Lord. And because they partook of the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the ground was "cursed for their sake", and a fourth tree, or bush, was introduced...thorns

Genesis 3:18 tells us that the Lord allowed "thorns and thistles" to hedge the way to the Tree of Life..."a curse...for their sake". Now, instead of eating fruit, they will "eat the herb of the field" (Genesis 3:17-18). Meaning, instead of partaking of fruit (acquiring knowledge from higher beings in the Garden of Eden), you are now cast out to glean from the field (learn in a Telestial world). 

When Christ enters Jerusalem riding on the colt, people lay down palm leaves and they shout "Hosannah" while waving the palms. The next day Christ is hungry and, "seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if haply he might find anything thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for the time of the figs was not yet. And Jesus answered and said unto it, No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever. And his disciples heard it." (Mark 11: 12-14)

Jesus curses the fig tree which was literal and symbolic. First, it was not the season for ripe figs. In this particular orchard, one appeared to be in advanced of all the others. It was already covered with leaves. Fig leaves naturally grow fruit before the leaves open, so this tree in full leaf gave promise of well-developed friuit within it. But its appearance was deceptive. Upon searching it's its branches Jesus found "nothing but leaves." It was a mass of pompous foliage, nothing more. 

The other trees in the orchard were leafless and raised no expectations or disappointment. The other trees represented Gentiles - they made no boastful pretensions to goodness. They were blind to the ways of God. With them the time of figs was not yet. The barren tree, flaunting it's leaves but bearing no fruit was symbolic of the Jewish nation at the time of Christ. The Jewish religion with it's magnificent temple, its sacred altars, priests and impressive ceremonies was indeed impressive in appearance, but lacked humility, benevolence, and love. 

The other symbolism present in Christ cursing the fig tree takes us back to the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve covered their nakedness with fig leaves (at the suggestion of Satan). His cursing of the fig tree is only something the Messiah could do. He symbolically took away the fig leaf covering Satan taught Adam and Eve to use. Because they partook from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, their choice removed them from the presence of the Lord, or in other words, from the Tree of Life. Just like the death of Christ split the veil in the temple so all could enter the Lord's presence, so too when Christ cursed the fig tree - He was symbolically and literally moving mankind closer and closer back to the Tree of Life. 

Likewise, when the Romans placed a crown of thorns upon the head of Jesus at His crucifixion it was symbolic of the curse given in the Garden of Eden. By wearing a Crown of Thorns, Christ was literally and symbolically taking on himself what began in the Garden when the Lord "cursed" the ground for our sake..."thorns and thistles" were what would now be our curse until One would come in the Meridian of time to take the Curse upon Himself and free humankind. He wore a crown of thorns...the symbolic curse of Adam and Eve now swallowed up in Christ. 

As the world prepares for the Return of the King, expect commotion. Expect a great thaw as things begin to heat up in anticipation for a new world - a new world created by Christ, not contrived by man. We have been told, men's hearts will fail them (Luke 21:26). Because there is an Anti-Christ, expect some to rise in power which have a Savior-like quality with great power and authority. 

Though the underlings decry the changing of the planet, take courage - the True King...The Son of the Great Emperor-beyond-the-sea...The Great Lion and our Ruler is on the move. Christ has prepared the way. Though the "time of the figs was not yet" when Christ cursed it, pray to see with your eyes the fig trees...when they begin to shoot forth their tender leaves. Though they be tender, "summer is now nigh at hand" and the harvest will follow. 

This music video is a Messianic Jew (a Jew converted to Christ) who collaborated with Native American, Chief Riverwind to make this song. Many Christians are awake and are beginning to arise. 

The King Is Coming

Every Tribe


Joshua Aaron and Chief Riverwind