Friday, August 13, 2021

Jesus, I love you

 Jesus Christ is my reason for living. 

He is in every vibration of my soul. 

His gift is incomprehensible to me. 

I have felt like I wanted to prove my love to Him time and time again. I've tried many times. But I can't ever do enough to show Him. So lately I am just loving Him simply. In my thoughts. In my prayers. In my gratitude...the chubby caterpillar on my big as a finger! The snake we caught in the's unblinking eyes that seem to say "I love you!" (or "let me go", I can't quite tell), the heart rock (how in the world?!), the sunset (deep sigh), the mountains (heal me)...

He is so lavish with His love. He is everywhere and I can't get enough of His love. My post today feels very much like finger paints and messy handprints smeared on a big sheet of butcher paper. But I can't hide my love from Him no more than I can hide my inadequacies. And it is enough. 

This song is for You, Lord. 

Annie's Song


Scott Matthew

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