Sunday, April 10, 2022

How General Conference Failed Us

General Conference has come and gone. I had hoped this post would be unnecessary and that prophet's, seers and revelators would cover this topic for the millions of members looking to them as those who see the past, present, and future. As prophets who prophesy of things as they really are and really will be. And as revelators who reveal that which is, and is not known.

All that being said, I am no prophet, seer, or revelator. Not even close. But the information offered in this post has likely already crossed your mind to some degree or another and all I am doing is offering a voice of warning by way of logic. Many are asleep or willfully ignoring what is, and what is coming.

The coming food shortage

Biden spoke in Brussels last week and said food shortages were going to be "real." Source: YouTube 

The war in Ukraine is already having a massive effect on the global food supply.

Most people have no idea why this is happening.

How much does the world's food supply depend on Ukraine and Russia?

35% of all global calories come from wheat and corn. 


Combined Russia and Ukraine account for:
  • 1/3rd of ALL wheat exports
  • 1/5th of ALL corn exports
From February to March alone, wheat exports from Russia and Ukraine fell by 7M tonnes, or 12%. 

Source: AtlanticCouncil 

Since Russia's invasion, wheat prices have: 
Increased by 31%
  • Pre-invasion: $9.03 a bushel
  • Now: $11.89 a bushel
The UN predicts 20-30% of Ukraine's wheat will go unharvested in the 2022-23 season. This could increase food and feed prices by 8-22%. 

Source: Forbes 

Most shortages will occur in the developing world. 

Source: YouTube 

A bulk of Ukrainian and Russian wheat exports go to MENA (the Middle East & North Africa). 

Source: Aljazeera 

Wheat represents 37% of caloric intake in that region and
26 countries get more than half of their wheat from Russia and Ukraine.

For example, Ukrainian and Russian wheat make up: 
  • Sudan 75-86% of imports
  • Egypt 75-85% of imports 
  • Somalia 100% of imports
Source UN 

Ukraine alone accounts for 60% of Lebanon's wheat imports. Source: IrishTimes 

Food prices in the region are already skyrocketing, leading to unrest in places like Iraq. Source: YouTube 

Food prices and food insecurity were major factors contributing to the Arab Spring in 2011.

Although "Voice of America" blamed the famine on climate change. Source: VOA NEWS 

In Russia, they don't just grow crops, they make it possible for us to grow them too. Russia is the world's largest exporter of fertilizer. 
Source: FastCompany & NRCAN & NATIONMASTER 
  • UREA - #1 Producer
  • AMMONIA & POTASH - # 2 Producer
Combined, Russia and Belarus account for 40% of global exports of potash. SOURCES: Reuters & 

The US imports Potash from:
  • Russia - 6%
  • Belarus - 6%
Western sanctions on Russia disrupted the supply. This means surging fertilizer prices for US farmers. Less fertilizer means lower crop yields, resulting in less food for humans and livestock. Source: YouTube


While food shortages are also possible in America, we will definitely face higher prices. SOURCE: Fox News 

Prices on wheat products have already increased. SOURCE: CNBC 

Cereal +15% YOY
Bread +15% YOY

US Farmers have to gamble, plant more and they risk the price dropping if the conflict in Ukraine ends.

These price hikes add to already 40 year-high inflation. SOURCE: Newsweek 

Alright, that's all I'm going to do for now. If that doesn't motivate, I'm not sure what will.

But more than that, why did none of our Prophet's, Seers, and Revelators tell us of all this? Or even of a fraction of this? Why did they not encourage their members to get their food storage beefed up? 

Some may argue that they've been saying that for years and they can't keep reminding us if we won't listen. Well, what about people who just joined the church and didn't know what was said already? What about the new generation just rising up and going off to college, they didn't know about it either. Some may argue it's in the handbook of instructions and anyone can read it and know. I'm not even going to argue that point. Very few read the handbook, nor should they have to when they have leaders they look to as those anointed and set apart to commune with Jehovah.

There are plenty of reasons the message to be prepared should be repeated, even if it has been said before. "Maybe they didn't want everyone to rush to the store"...come on. It's better they starve rather than to cause a scene? That should be a red flag! And if nothing else, repent. We are in this situation because we need to repent. Where was that message...

Prophet's should be warning all those who will listen to get prepared. Right now things are still good(-ish) and we can still prepare. There will come a day when we won't be able to buy the things we need or want. And many will wonder why none of the leaders that they hold up, next to Christ Himself, warned them.

It's Palm Sunday today. My husband gathered our family this morning and we read the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. I cry every time (Click on that image below...whose form of praise do you relate to most in this painting?).

Hosannah! Hosannah! The dramatic entry. The crowd going WILD. Their KING! He had come to save them. Though they had no idea their hopes of freedom from the Roman government was the least they could wish for. He came to save them (and us) from the jaws of Hell and the fiery breath of the devil whose we were. 

Hosannah! Hosannah! Our KING! The Pharisees called Jesus Master and told him to rebuke his disciples from shouting so. Jesus told them that if those people should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out! The ground was rumbling with POWER. He had come to save! It was no longer a secret - He was riding in like OUR KING!...sort of. The donkey thing. Ah well, maybe He couldn't find a horse. PRAISE!!!!

Oh Jesus. You are so Wise. Clever. Symbolic...Brave and True. You knew what you were doing, riding in so humbly. You came like a lamb before His shearers is silent, you opened not your mouth. You were prophesy fulfilled. Oh that I had been there. I know I would have missed the point of that triumphal entry. Just like I miss the point on so many things today. My pride. My short temper. My ignorance. Forgive me Lord! You came to save and offer us Salvation. I accept your offer. Make me more worthy, Lord I pray. 

Goodness sakes, if you take the time to listen to this song - you have to turn up the volume and close your eyes. (One thing: I disagree with one lyric of the song: "Make me more worthy of Your love". There is nothing we can do to be more worthy of His Love. He is Worthy and He Loves You. That makes you Worthy of His love. 

Happy Palm Sunday

Savior, Redeemer of My Soul
BYU Vocal Point


  1. Anonymous11.7.22

    Just fantastic. And I love that painting also. Love it

  2. Anonymous20.7.22

    Thank you. You voiced my own feelings and gave me new insights. Praise Jesus! Let us all raise our voices to praise Him!!!